Tekitizi the buddhist monk

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Protected PDF pattern

To make Polo I used:

White (1 ball), less than half a ball for: purple, mauve, charcoal gray, yellow and brown (acrylic yellow if you want to brush the bristles of the broom)

I put on iron-on eyes (you can find them here: the classic model https://www.crocsbetty.com/fr/33-yeux-flexflock) I just cut the eyelashes before putting them on, but you can put safety eyes or make them felt

Padding, a carrot nose


 clear plastic (you can cut a strip out of a soda bottle or whatever)

an electric candle size dish warmer

Wool needle

Sheathed wire to arm the doll

Decorations of your choice

cotton catania crochet 2.5.

I got a figure of about 27 cm


PDF tutorial to make a doll.

To make Tekitizi I used:

Natural for the skin (2 balls), mauve (1 ball), purple 1 ball, light brown for the bowl and mallet

Gold or copper lurex thread

A strip of assorted fabrics 50cm by 10cm (cotton felt or other)

I put iron-on eyes (you can find some here: https://www.crocsbetty.com/fr/33-yeux-flexflock) but you can embroider them with a black thread

(Choice of embellishments: rhinestones, pearls, lace, flowers, etc.)


Yarn needle

Crocheted catania cotton balls 2.20. and hook 2.5 for clothes

I got a figure of about 22 cm in a seated position

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