Xena & her Xylophone

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Xena is a colorful girl,  chip and full of kindness. Since she's very young, she plays xylophone and she is very talented!
It’s a rather unusual instrument so it never goes unnoticed when it’s its turn to enter the stage at the end of the year's school show Happy

Following the instructions and materials of this pattern, Xena will measure about 27cm (10.5’’). She will be a different size depending on the hook and yarns size used.

Materials needed:
- Hook size 2.25mm or 2.5mm
- Tapestry needle
- Stuffing
- Pins, Scissors, Pliers & Glue
- 2 safety Black eyes Ø 10mm
- Pieces of cardboard or plastic
- Aluminium wire or skewers
- 2 pieces of Black & White Felt
- Pink satin ribbon 3mm
- Musical notes 2cm
- Charms

Schachenmayr Catania
- N°179 Camel (less than 1 ball)
- N°110 Black (less than 1/2 ball)
- N°106 White (more than 1 ball)
- N°287 Pink (1 ball) *
- N°390 Red (less than 1/2 ball)
- N°281 Orange (less than 1/2 ball)
- N° 280 Yellow (less than 1/2 ball)
- N° 389 Green (less than 1/2 ball)
- N° 384 Blue (less than 1/2 ball)
- N°226 Purple (less than 1/2 ball)
- N°404 Sand (less than 1/2 ball)

Acrylic yarn for hair
- Pink *

* Pink cotton for the crocheted hair only : for the non-crocheted hair, use the acrylic yarn

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Body (head, arms & legs)
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