Ulysse the ufologist

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Ulysse is THE geek of the team. He has a fertile imagination and studies the stars : when he will be an adult, he will be an ufologist ! Lol
But he didn’t wait to become an adult to capture his 1st UFO and its pilot the little alien Angel

Following the instructions and materials of this pattern, Ulysse will measure about 27cm (10.5’’). He will be a different size depending on the hook and yarns size used.

Materials needed:
- Hook size 2.25mm or 2.5mm (& 3mm)
- Tapestry needle
- Yarn for hook size 2.5mm
- Stuffing
- 2 safety Black eyes Ø 10mm
- 2 safety Black eyes Ø 6mm
- Wire, Pins, Scissors, Pliers & Glue
- Wooden dowel or pipe cleaner for neck support
- About 40cm (16’’) of aluminum wire Ø1.5mm (
- 2 wooden pieces (example : Chinese chopsticks) of about 12cm (4.7’’) long (
- ½ A4 cartel (example : Canson)
- 1 plastic sphere Ø 8cm
- 2 rounds of strong plastic

Scheepjes Catona
- N°105 (Natural)
- N°106 (White)
- N°110 (Black)
- N°115 (Red)
- N°162 (Brown)
- N°074 (Silver)
- N°247 (Blue)
- N°393 (Anthracite)
- N°245 (Green)
- N°397 (Turquoise)
- N°281 (Orange)

(more than 1 ball of Silver and less than 1 ball for the other colors)

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